Do you want something unique that you can’t find elsewhere?

My digitally printed, unique boards, fabrics, clothes and interior decorations are for sale in the summer season (May-September) at Mathildedal (Salo) Coal Storage gallery. The gallery is open in May Sat, Sun at 11-16 and from start June Fri, Sat, Sun at 11-16.

You can also rent and buy my works at Salo Artists’ Association Art rental, Tehdaskatu 18, Salo, Finland.

You can order fabrics printed with my design from textile printing company Elobina (www-pages for Europe and UK). Elobina has a range of around 50 different fabrics to choose from. Look down the page for instructions how to order.

I also design customized patterns for the textile industry, wallpaper manufacturers and interior decoration manufacturers. For company use I design customized patterns and unique artworks for e.g. offices, public spaces, fairs, hotels, restaurants, medical centers, shipbuilding, builders (e.g. model apartments), interior designers and -architects and interior decoration stores. For private use I design for e.g. homes, cottages or gifts.

Customized designs can be based on for example particular color schemes, hobbies or preferences. Your own, important pictures or company logos can likewise be used in the design. The patterns can be used for example on curtains, blackout curtains, tablecloths or decoration boards. Big decoration boards covered with velvet also serve as acoustic panels.

I will be happy to discuss your needs and preferences with you and make an offer based on it.

You can order fabrics or textile products printed with my design from textile printing company Elobina. You can choose any of my around 20 patterns from my Elobina designer pages (some examples in the picture below) and have them printed on any of Elobina’s 50 different fabrics. A price example for 100 % cotton fabric (Half Panama Antigua Eco, width 150 cm) printed with my design is 32 € or 32 £ per meter. Elobina’s fabrics are printed as ecologically as possible.

Links to my Elobina designer pages (Europe and UK):
How to order my fabrics: Pick one of my patterns from DJK Design Jaana Kähönen / Design Product / Fabric by the meter (now you can see how the pattern looks like on the fabric) / Select fabric / Order

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