Pop up Gallery Mathildedal

DJK Design Jaana Kähönen Gallery in Mathildedal (Salo) is open in May 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 26th and 29th at 11-16. From June the gallery will be open Fri-Sat-Sun at 11-16. Warmly welcome ❤️

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DJK Design Jaana Kähönen Gallery in Mathildedal, summer 2021

In the summer season (May-September) my own designs of prints, textiles and clothes are for sale at Mathildedal (Salo, Finland) old Coalstorage Pop Up gallery – I’d love to meet You there!

At the Pop Up gallery you can also find good quality ladies’ second hand clothes with the brandname ”2nd hand roses” and detalji boutique linen clothes.

The gallery is under normal conditions open every Fri-Sun at 11-16 and occassionally.

Warmly welcome ❤️

Remember that DJK Design Jaana Kähönen prints can be ordered directly from Elobina textile printhouse:
elobina.com/product-category/designers/djk-design or contact me directly.