Här hittar du exempel på min design.
Copyright: DJK Design Jaana Kähönen

Tempo di carciofi
So white
Ocean eyes
Il palazzo in fondo
Dagen efter
Sun always out there somewhere
The bold and the beautiful
Where do you come from, where do you go
Measures for perfection – Apollo Belvedere
Pink Marble Sea
Dreaming pink, orange and green
My secret garden
Big fish, small fish, happy fish, sad fish, fast fish, slow fish
The shear zone of Beaver King
DJK inredningstavlor, High Care Center, Åbo
Spinning the circle of life
Stolar klädda med ”Wood anemonies colour”
Aquarium Large at St Karins församling
Spinning the circle of life at St Karins församling
Around the world (a customer’s home)
Finland 101 (a customer’s home)
Aquarium S (a customer’s home)
Champagne bottle cover, Turku Music Festival 2019